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Guusje Wannet

Fact based, Passion driven

Being a Love, Sex and Relationship Coach feels very privileged to me. On a daily basis I get to help, inspire and serve women, men  & couples in the most important area’s of their lives:
Love, Connection, Relationships, Sexuality…..

The one thing that all the beautiful people finding their way to my practice have in common, is that they are willing to show up for their desires and are willing to work on the situation that they are in.

I am so proud and pleased to have the honor of working with these beautiful beings.


Coaching Practice working Globally


My office is located in Delft, The Netherlands. My dutch clients like to come over to my intimate studio in the heart of pitoresk Delft. A very old small city well known for its Delfts blue pottery, beautiful canals and century old buildings (the oldest being build in 1503).

I work globally too and I love that!!! International clients are choosing my European approach to love & relationships, because it weaves science based sexology (the Dutch are famous world wide for their excellent sex education in schools and approach to sexual wellness) & holistic tantric take on spirituality and sex perfectly.

I’m an ‘out of the box thinker’, an explorer and am always on a quest to learn some more. I have lived and studied for years in England and in the USA.

I am highly experienced in Coaching through Zoom or Skype. Although I was hesitant at first I have long conquered my preconceptions about coaching through a digital connection. It turn out it’s just as effective.


My financial success has doubled!

I started to use tantric sex magic and alchemy daily. I’ve grown as a coach and feel so much more alive! Your-depht coaching has turned my life around. Forever grateful, woman.

Food & Fitness

Bianca, 32

Oooooh Guusje

I feel so empowered and .. so full of sensual energy (as you put it). My relationships are shifting. And therefor… my whole life is shifting! I feel worthy of love, succes and money for the first time ever!

Personal Development Coach

Rita, 39, NYC

Mentors & Teachers

Fact based & Passion driven.


Personal development can only be achieved through working with dedicated and focused studying. I have chosen very specific, down to earth, proven methods from both the tantric world as from the science of psychology. After college, where I got my degree in social work and applied psychology, I continued to develop. I have always loved studying and I dedicate at least 20% of my time keeping up and discovering new field of expertise.

Here you find some influencers, I studied with in the past years.


Psalm Isadora

Tantric teacher


Psalms vision of Tantrc Sex seamlessly connects to mine. She has been an important inspiration and there is a lot to learn from her in the area of tantirc techniques.

I just LOVE het openness and down to earth way of talking about subjects that usualy remain unpsoken of.

In 2014 I studied with this beautiful woman who unfortunately is no longer among us.


Cloé Madanes



Cloé did groundbreaking work in unraveling the operating principles behind our personal relationships. Without her the relationship discipline would look entirely different.

She has teamed up with Tony Robbins years ago and together with him, Mark & Magali Peysha she founded a large training institute.

Her analytical skills are amazing!

Her analysis methods form the basis of the certification training the I have done.

Mark en Magali Peysha

Relationships coaches


Mark & Magali Peysha have worked as relationship coaches all their lives. Now they own their own thriving educational institution where they have trained thousands of coaches. Of which I am (a very proud) one.

One important lesson that I will always carry close at my heart is the way Magali excells at staying rooted in her feminine power during all her teachings. She taught me that you can always be yourself as a coach and still stay focused and goal oriented.

Powerful & Feminine!


Esther Perel

Psychologist, Author


The Queen of relationship therapy and coaching! When you ask me what I share most with her, the first thing that pops up is her vision about affairs, being in love and extra marital relationships.

An inquisitive attitude as opposed to a judging one, brings profound insights.

Esther Perel’s vision and mission is a huge inspiration to me.

Layla Martin

Holistic Tantric Institute


I studied the Love, Sex and Relationship coaching certification with Layla Martin.

Famous for her knowledge and wisdom about healing sexual trauma.

This education is the perfect addition with the more formal training I had earlier in my career (BA Social work & applied psychology (1996). Cognitive behavioral therapy (2003) & competence-oriented treatment and coaching within therapeutic settings (2004). And recent Post degree Sexology training.

Tony Robbins

Coach Extraordinaire


Last, but certainly not least, The most influential coach in the world. His methods for becoming and staying succesfull are renowned. Whether it be health, business or Love.

I love Tony because his methods are goal oriented en really do work. In all of the trainings I did and educations I followed his influence is undeniably huge.

I studied with Tony in 2015 and 2016 and will keep coming back to him.


sensual glow is committed to growth and development.

we will never stop to reinvent ourselves so you can harvest the sensual seeds we have sown.

Method of Working

The Sensual Glow method has been developed over the course of many years. And I will never stop improving it. But the outlines are clear and rock solid. I rely on science for the factual side of the truth. I rely on Passion for the meaning of things.

I work goal oriented.

I think warmth, openness and genuine interest in my clients are very important.


I take great pride in the compliments my client give me about my ability to make quick, to the point, non convention-driven analysis. I prefer an inconvenient truth over a convenient lie anytime.


Making plans is one of my favourite use of time. I know the value of a good plan and enjoy making them.

I have chosing only to work with clients that want actual change and only to develope programs that deliver that change. Every client is different, every problem and very challenge is different. But my approach is always the same. I offer three ways of working with me: 1. Online programms, 2. One on one Coaching on specific Topics and 3. Custom made trajects (3 and 6 Months)

Online Programs

Sensual Glow School has been founded to facilitate women from all over the world to reclaim their Sensuality. More programs will be added in time. At this moment there are programs with the following subjects

Sensuality in Daily Rituals

Een jaar programma dat mnaadelijkse content geeft om stapje voor stapje je leven te vullen met jouw eigen sensualiteit.

Sensuality after Trauma

Regaining your Sensuality after trauma is reclaiming your place in your Life. The Sensual Glow method makes sure you will succeed in this, very vulneral, endevour of your femininity.

Sensuality & Mindfulness

Combining the insights of the third generation cognitive behavioural therapy and the insights of Tantric practices we have developed a program that will elevate your lovelife to your level. Discover your true self in your sensuality, what are YOUR deepest desires. And how can I reach them.

Sensuality & Mindfulness for couples

Combining the insights of the third generation cognitive behavioural therapy and the insights of Tantric practices we have developed a program that will elevate your lovelife to your level. Discover your true self in your sensuality, what are YOUR deepest desires. And how can I reach them.

One on One on specific topics

All of our Online programs come with a VIP version. The VIP version consists of One on One Coaching Sessions on that specific topic.

3 or 6 Months Program

Sometimes a deep dive and a hyperfocus can be very useful to take on challenge in your life.

My main target audiences are: Women, Couples and Coaches.

Work with me


Working with a Love, Sex and Realtion coach can be very scary. You have to face your most vulnerable sides. You will have to talk about topics that are least talked about.

But you are not alone! We all have fears, trauma and limitations. I am here for you. I am used to working with problems that are sensitive.

If you are in doubt whether working me is a good idea just reach out!

I have made forms that you can use to help you formulate what it is you want to work about.

Or just send me a message.




Privacy is very, VERY important for Sensual Glow. The nature of the topics are almost always sensitive. I value creating safe setting above anything else.

My website does not collect information about you.

I never discuss my clients with anybody.

I do not use cloud based storage for information about my clients.

Information shared with me before you have decided to work with me is not saved unless you do decide to work with me.


Interview Guusje


I’m always open to be a guest in your magazine, podcast, vlog or blog! Shoot me a message and we are connected! 


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“Als je mij twee jaar geleden had gevraagd wat er mogelijk zou zijn voor mij, zou ik wat ik nu ervaar niet eens kunnen beschrijven. Ik heb een droomrelatie. Ik heb een droomhuis. En mijn droombedrijf.”

Naomi - 36 jaar - Spiritualiteit & life Coach